Home (is where I park it)

We are not meant to just pay bills and die! So I am on a sabbatical of sorts. I lived in a tiny house on wheels for over 3 years and have been full-time traveling since January 2017. I’m taking every opportunity possible to hike, bike, and explore America. My only goals are: enjoy life, avoid the snow, and go to every National Park to which I can drive.

My current project is downsizing from a 200sqft tiny house on wheels to a converted Mercedes Benz Sprinter Van 144″ wheelbase high top! I have partnered with Tiny House Chattanooga, Tiny Watts Solar, and VanLife Tech to create my new home.

Feel free to follow me on this site and social media. If you see me on the road, tag me [#methodtonomadness] on Instagram or Facebook.

The blog is woefully out of date as I keep up on Instagram and Facebook much more regularly.

Do more of what makes you happy!

Happy Adventuring,


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29 thoughts on “Home (is where I park it)

    • ruth sullivan says:

      4/1/17 – Spoke to you at the Hinnant’s Winery in Pine Level NC – It was a treat for me to be able to see a tiny house.
      Thanks for letting us go inside. Safe travels to you! Ruth & Stephen Sullivan

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  1. Barbara Mitchell says:

    Very excited to live through you over the next year!! Have fun, be safe and post tons of pics!! Beans and Franks and the beanie weinies with be very missed!!

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  2. Betty Collins says:

    So looking forward to be able to, ‘journey’, w/you, sort of. America is so beautiful & you are about to see that. So excited for you both. Love you bunches.

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  3. milt and Bunnie Schalow says:

    Hey Ross..we enjoyed our camping at cp1 in Haines city. Good luck wit h the guitar. Have fun..be careful and keep in touch. Vote for Pedro!!!! Hugs…Milt and Bunnie Schalow

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  4. don says:

    Met you today at lake manatee sp. Keep track of the hours for oil changes to your Honda inverter with a 120 vac clock . So many good times just around the next bend. Happiness for the road starts with love for one another. You are good people. God bless


  5. Alexandra says:

    I work with Beverly and have heard so much about your adventure. Thanks for sharing and I can’t wait to see more from you. Maybe you can help us decide whether this lifestyle of for us?


  6. Jane Winston says:

    From the Winstons – thanks for spending some time with us in Moab. We really enjoyed hearing about your adventure. You are now our retirement inspiration! Tiny houses rock!


  7. Renee Racey says:

    Met you at the Festival in Chattanooga yesterday. You guys are both awesome and I loved your house!! It’s my dream house built in real life. (I’m sure you can understand). Yes, I’m the nutty one with the dockdiving Rottweiler that came back to look twice and take more pictures. Where did you get your plans? Or did you design it yourself? Would you be willing to share blueprints/mock up?


  8. Cathy wyckoff says:

    Hi! I met you in Florida and spoke to you about tiny houses for the homeless. I am part of a group who secured 100 spaces forfuture tiny homes!

    I am very interested in building something similar to your design with a deck and roll up door…

    Do you recommend your designer? I would be interested in speaking to him about a design that would double as a stage for promotional talks for the nonprofit tiny house village.

    Are you in Florida anytime soon?




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